Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Well, now we know of one reason why they didn't have a direct tie line to the sound board during the opening ceremony at the Olympics. Seems that cute little girl we saw singing wasn't doing the singing. She was lip syncing to another girl who had been deemed unsuitable to show on TV. (And I thought Western society was shallow.)

This brings up the question: did the adult singers lip sync as well? Probably. It's a standard practice around the world in situations where a dead mike battery or a shorted earpiece can wreck the show. Sure, minor scandals were raised when certain performers synced, particularly Britney Spears, but she did it badly. Professional performers miming to themselves is one thing. Switching little girls on the world stage is quite another.

This "Singin' In The Rain" fiasco might have a positive outcome if the girl who really sang becomes famous, and if young girls and parents everywhere start thinking and talking about the expectations placed on women in this reality show called Life.

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