Saturday, March 28, 2009


Just a stream of unconsciousness this time. Let's start with this classic Sinatra photo from The Atlantic.

Frank appears to be thinking the same thing I am: What the hell is on my microphone, and should I try to flick it off? Apparently, for this session, the engineers at Columbia Records brought out a new experimental model - the Whathefunken OMG. The dedicated team of scientists at WTF took a perfectly inoffensive omni or bi-directional mic, and changed it to a cardioid by smunching a big glob of Silly Putty on it and wrapping a harmonica around it. Either that or it's Ethel Merman's pop filter. No wonder Ol' Blue Eyes switched to Capitol. Looks like an aftermarket air cleaner for a Corvette. One of the greatest voices of the 20th century and he still had to sing into a carburetor. Seriously, if anybody out there can explain this to me, please hit me back. I mean, really. Do you sing into it, or put your cigarette out with it?

Stoopid Commercial Alert: I like Bertoli Italian dishes. From all accounts, they make good food. And I like the ad campaign featuring frustrated Italian chefs singing in opera, bemoaning how Bertoli is taking away their business. After all, Italy is the birthplace of opera. Trouble is, the producers picked the wrong opera. In the current ad, the chefs are singing their curses at Bertoli to the tune of "The Troubadour's Song" from Bizet's Carmen... an English opera, that takes place in Spain, written by a Frenchman. Oh well. It still sounds a lot better than those dreadful Comcast spots.

A now, a look at the weather... and a farewell to our FCC license. Here is weather segment that aired on WSPD-TV in Toledo back in 1978, with guest weatherman Paul Lynde. I have to believe some smartaleck put that temperature for Seattle up there on purpose. Enjoy.

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