Monday, May 10, 2010

Stop it!

I just saw the trailer for Sex and the City 2, and again I have say it...

The phrase "We're not in Kansas anymore" is done. Really. I'm serious. Is there a contest of some sort among scriptwriters to see if they can find an excuse to use this cliche in every single film being made in Hollywood these days?

It's not funny, it's not ironic, and it's not original. A recent episode of Bones can be forgiven because there was an actual appropriate visual reference that gave it context, but even then every viewer watching could practically feel the line coming.

Stop it. Just stop it.

If you are writing a script right now, before putting the Kansas line in yet again ask yourself, will this line get a laugh? Will it move the story forward? If you're a trailer producer, ask yourself if this line will position this film above all the rest. Is it really necessary?

But then, if Hollywood only thought about what was necessary we wouldn't have a Sex & the City 2 would we?

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