Saturday, July 31, 2010

All's Fair

Time to give credit where credit is due. The Ohio State Fair actually advertised this year. After years of being little more than a rumor outside of Columbus, the Fair bought television schedules throughout Ohio... even in Lima.

The spots aren't perfect. They have production values within the expectations of a regional marketing campaign, but they fail to transmit any summertime fair excitement. In casual viewing you have no idea the spot is about the Ohio State Fair until about 25 seconds in. With more critical viewing I become aware of stilted acting and really, really wish somebody would just announce "It's The Ohio State Fair! Going on Now!" rather than force the cute but vague "Fairtastic" hook. After 30 seconds I'm still not motivated to go. Also, based on the number of video line drops and the overall smeary look of the spot, I'd say the fair board managed to hire the one last production house still using three-quarter inch analog tape editing.

But, even with the faults, it's good to see the Fair getting the word out. Let's hope the attendance is up this year so things can get even better.

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