Monday, July 26, 2010

Set Phasers for Big Savings!

I spotted this on John K's blog and just had to rip it off. It's William Shatner back before the Star Trek movies and T.J. Hooker doing a commercial for a Canadian supermarket chain. (Remember, Shatner is Canadian.) Poor guy. Once a starship captain now reduced to being upstaged by a guy in a penguin suit.

Actually, once you get past the cheese factor and the That 70's Show hair and sport coat, this is a damn good clinic on how to do an on-camera narration. Shatner is putting his acting skills to use here, using his hands at key moments and using facial expressions that feel real, not Johnny Plastic. Of course, when Shatner does something on-camera these days, he's doing a parody of himself. And that's fine because we get the joke and he's in on it. But back when this spot was produced he was still just "that guy on Star Trek" and he had to deliver this straight. And it works.

Shatner could be embarrassed by this, but he shouldn't be. This is fine work, at least in this spot. There others out there. You've been warned.

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