Sunday, August 29, 2010

What a Wonderful Smell You've Discovered, Your Highness

Word has it Star Wars is coming out on Blu Ray. Well... next year. The Fall of next year. But they are on the way, the "Adventures of Luke Skywalker" trilogy, with lots of special features. And you better believe the picture and sound will be awesome. Of course, the prequels will be released as well. Let's hope you won't have to buy the whole mess just to get the good stuff. (Like they did with James Bond.)

Oh, and these will be the Special Edition releases of the films, not the original cuts. For me, that's not really a deal killer, but I'd rather see the original cut of "A New Hope" and watch Han Solo fricassee Guido the way it really happened. According to Sound and Vision Magazine:

"Unfortunately, Lucas said that the Special Editions would be used for the original trilogy, because transferring the original cuts of the film would be too expensive."

Huh? Too expensive? To put both versions out on Blu Ray? You gotta be kidding. This is Star Wars we're talking about: the biggest movie franchise in history second only to that 007 guy. Since when is anything too expensive for Star Wars? Hell, George Lucas could buy the frickin' moon and turn it into the Death Star (TM), fly the 1977 negatives up there, move Technicolor up there to process new prints, and build the world's biggest 70mm projector and show the original cut to the entire western hemisphere. Too expensive? Yeah, right. More like you don't want to admit the less-than-perfect original cut was better.

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