Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Brains, Brains

I'm working on a novel and getting ready to move, so there's not much time for the blog these days. Unfortunately for you, that means for this post you get a taste of my old morning radio show days. That's right, it's time for Joke of the Day.

The zombie army began their march to enslave humanity by eating human brains, but this time they planned their attack. Realizing that they could enslave humanity much faster if they took control of the media, the zombies set their sights on broadcast network television. They burst through the doors of the ABC Technical Operations Center in New York City.

"Brains. Brains," they moaned.

The master control operator thought fast. "Brains? You gotta be kidding. This is ABC. You won't find any brains here. Why don't you try CBS?"

And so, the zombie marched onward to the CBS Tech Center. They burst through the door moaning, "Brains. Brains."

But the master control operator there was also a quick thinker. "Brains? Fellas, this is CBS. You won't find any brains here. Why don't you try Fox?"

And so the zombies marched into Fox. "Brains. Brains."

"Sorry. No brains here. This is Fox," said the master control operator. "Try NBC."

And so, with the dawn just minutes away, the zombie army stormed their way into 30 Rockefeller Plaza and into the very heart of NBC...

where they were immediately put in charge of programming.

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