Saturday, September 3, 2011

Idol Thoughts

Every now and then I get spam linked to an older blog post. In this case the email message went something like this:

Anthem belligerent uprising inspired consistent information ranking Anna Nicole Smith naked within the judgement of the cast of Friends buying cheap soup direct from the warehouse at amazing prices higher than mortgage rates dropping by the hour unless you count the last episode of Lost was hacked smartphone can connect to any carrier before the recall while sitting on a corn flake I am the walrus coo coo ca choo.

I have no idea what these kinds of emails are meant to accomplish, other than leading me to write about them. It's bad enough when I get another address book robbing-trojan-malware-scam-chain mail message from my mom:

Watch this incredible video. It will bring a tear to your eye and show just how America was God's favorite nation... until we let the queers in the Army. Send this to 500 of your friends right now if you are not a communist.

Anyway, another worthless "comment" sent to my blog lead me back to a post I made on "American Idol" back during the 2010 season. (Read the rant from April 14, 2010 here.) Upon reading it, I discovered something rather intriguing. It comes down to one sentence...

Doesn't anybody show up at Idol auditions who knows who Garth Brooks is?

Of course, you know who won Idol in 2011... Garth Jr.

Holy crap.

Did Simon read my blog and steer the show on a correction course towards America's current taste in pop music?

Well, of course not. America voted for the contestant they liked the most, and that would happen to be someone who reflects America's current taste in pop music: someone finally showed up at an audition who knows who Garth Brooks is. The laws of probability finally caught up with Idol. It was bound to happen.

Still, it is an interesting coincidence.

Looking back on old blog posts is a bit like having that angel from "It's a Wonderful Life" come along and force you to look back at all the stupid things you said over the years. Or maybe photos from college dorm parties would be a better analogy. Sometimes my writing doesn't seem to make much more sense than those scam emails. One thing is clear: I devoted more time to the blog back then. My personal life has been a bit hectic during recent months, and as it happens a blog for which I gain no monetary benefit and bare no deadline responsibility is not a priority.

But there are a few gems: times when I had something worthwhile to say and I manged to say it well. Call this my collection of Greatest Hits.

It may not be Christmas, but my tribute to the late animation director Bill Melendez is worth a look.

With severe weather, earthquakes, and the never-ending economic turmoil in the news lately, my post on the news media serving up a constant stream of crisis coverage seems to still ring true.

Take this post about broadcast operations struggling to stay on the air along the east coast, replace mentions of a snow storm with Irene, and you have a current topic.

Tired of getting blasted by sudden audio spikes during your favorite TV show? We're still working on it.

But my favorite post isn't obviously relevant, unless you consider the disturbingly high number of local advertisers who continue to insist on putting their kids on TV. Remember Falcon? Perhaps you know him better as the Balloon Boy, the child who's father started a media freak out when he claimed the boy was stuck in a runaway hot-air balloon... only he wasn't. This open letter to Falcon is very personal, and at least for me, poignant. I hope he's doing well these days.

Hope you enjoy the look back. This post is something like a sitcom reverting to the clip episode: the ones where the characters say, "Remember the time..." and we see clips from previous episodes. It's a cheater. I'll probably look back on this post and wonder why I couldn't come up with something better. Hey, they can't all be gems. Maybe the trick to life is not seeking perfection, but simply doing something you love.