Saturday, January 7, 2012


What's this? Zooey and Steve caught canoodling Friday night after hours at the Santa Monica Chuck E. Cheese. "I'm just a friend of the family," says Faul. "I'm helping her through a difficult time."

But wait... upon further investigation it becomes clear that this photo is a fraud. No, it's not Photoshop. A second look reveals Faul is cavorting with a cardboard cutout. Fox provided these stand ups to be used for promotional purposes, certainly not for technical crew members to be screwing around with during the agonizing slow death that was the Cotton Bowl.

"We will be launching a full investigation into the incident," said Joe Sharp who identified himself to this reporter as the Vice President in charge of operations and NAB Certified genius. "Shenanigans and horseplay are not to be tolerated during on-duty hours. Besides, Zooey needs our support at this time. And as her close personal confidant I pledge to do my part in that endeavor." When asked to explain why he was mispronouncing the "New Girl" star's name ZOO-ee, the genius declined further comment.

A call to Fox uncovered an uncomfortable relationship with their Lima, Ohio affiliate. "Why do you think we've never been there to shoot exteriors for 'Glee?' I mean... I... I can't go on," said a spokesperson. "I mean we have Jane Lynch making fun of them. That ought to tell you something."

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