Saturday, April 13, 2013

And We're Back

After a long break from the blog while working on a TV project... more on that later... I thought I'd like you to some cool stuff.

Over on the right you'll see a link to Jose Friz's ARCANE RADIO blog. I don't know Jose, but I love his blog and how he finds really cool stuff relevant to radio. For example, check out his post of an episode of the The Goon Show,* the BBC radio show that gets the credit, or blame, for inspiring Monty Python, Fireside Theater, and launching the career of Peter Sellers, who is about two years away from "Dr. Strangeglove" in this episode.

This is also the roots of The Beatles, or at least the persona of The Beatles. George Martin was running Parlophone by 1955, and recorded Peter Sellers as part of that label's then mainstay of comedy and novelty artists. Martin loved The Goon Show, and a Goon Show performance was released on Parlophone. Richard Lester must've been a fan too. Watching this, it's easy to see where the surreal nature of "Hard Day's Night" with lines like...

"How do you find America?"

"Turn left at Greenland."

...and John Lennon's nonsensical conversation with an actress he's never met before, originated.

And gearheads, check out those 1960 era AKG 414 mics.

*NSFW due to a bit of naughty British word play here and there. 

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