Monday, December 10, 2018

What's Missing in Your VIdeo?

As we look ahead into the coming year, one thing is for certain; digital media is growing. Sure, traditional media - radio, TV - is still viable and will remain so for the foreseeable future. But new media cannot be ignored, and new means of reaching an audience seem to be developing on a daily basis. It can seem like we no more than grasped the possibilities of a web site than Instagram came along and gave us yet another vehicle.

Many of these digital media are visual in their nature, but it's equally important to remember the power of sound in reaching your audience.A trend I'm noticing on YouTube is the lack of narration on many promotional videos. The images are beautiful, the music is usually appropriate of not on target, and there may even be some testimonials on camera. But without a voice over, even just to intro or conclude the video, I feel like the viewer is left with questions.

What was the actual name of the city or region in this tourism video?

How do you pronounce that guy's name?

How do I get there?

Where can I find this product?

Sure, graphics can tell part of the story, but people are more likely to retain what they hear. And it needs to be said clearly and distinctly.

Don't neglect the audio portion of your video. Show AND tell, with a professional voice over. There's power in your words.